Experience Istria

While the Estate serves as the core of your retreat, Istria beckons with a myriad of authentic experiences. Traverse vineyard-lined cycling routes, wander through enchanting central Istrian villages, embark on truffle-hunting adventures, or set sail on a private boat tour through the picturesque Rovinj archipelago. At Malipiero Estate, we invite our guests to immerse themselves in the true essence of Istria.


Rovinj and Istrian coast have excellent network of cycling routes. For a true local experience let us organize a quality bike rental and a bike tour with a guide who will show you affairs of your chosen trail. 

Guided Tour

During your stay at Malipiero Estate, exploring the enchanting small towns nestled within the heart of Istria is an experience you'll treasure. Our guided day trips, complete with a dedicated driver, a knowledgeable local guide, and a delectable lunch at one of Istria's charming taverns, ensure that these outings become unforgettable memories.

Boat Rides

Rovinj has a beautiful archipelago of small islands surrounding it. We sincerely recommend a boat ride during your visit; the sunsets are simply spectacular and dolphins can often be seen.

Brijuni National Park

Croatia has eight national parks and closest one to Rovinj is Brijuni National Park. A tranquil oasis of 14 islands and islets can be reached by a boat. Spending the day in nature with activities from golf to safari to cycling is an experience to remember.

Truffle hunting

Respected in the culinary world, truffles can only be found in a few locations in the world and Istria is one of them. In addition to being picky about where they grow, they cannot be seen on the surface of the soil with the naked eye. A trained dog is required to find truffles. For truly experience Istrian culture, truffle hunting with locals is the most authentic adventure.

Wine tasting

Istrian winemakers bring gold medals from various world competitions. Mainly recognized for refreshing, white Malvasia Istriana and red Teran wines, Istria will surprise you with aromatic Muscats and all well-known international varieties. In addition to in-house sommelier service, we offer tours to spectacular vineyards of the most famous Istrian winemakers.

Stay with us

Perfect for families

Our elegantly designed Main House and charming Cottage provide ample space for a family of up to six persons to relax and make memories.


Private outdoor oasis

Step outside to your private outdoor haven, a sprawling space enveloped by nature's beauty. 


Embrace Malipiero lifestyle

Indulge in old world charm and sophistication at Malipiero Estate, where every moment is designed to elevate your experience.